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My name is Chris Hann and my story begins in early 2011. I was part of two different ghost hunting teams and as I went on investigations I realized I was getting visions and voices. It took meeting a great friend, Jennifer Yakes who introduced me to a wonderful person, Durga Magnetta. Durga “The Everyday Yogini”, though her Complete Empowerment and Success System changed my life forever.

Shortly after I started her program, Durga had me go and talk to Gloria Monger of White Light Books in Cranston Rhode Island who was going to give the final insight of what was happening to me. Gloria validated what Durga had already told me and also helped me in many other areas.

I now have the ability to communicate with people’s lost loved ones. If you have ever thought of reaching out to your lost loved ones, please let me help you accomplish this.

Medium Chris Hann